1. Introduction

Website www.salvaticopii.md , hereinafter called “website” , it is the property of Foundation Christian Aid Moldovan-Dutch, located in Chisinau city, Mircea cel Batran street 3A,  Republic of Moldova, MD 2044, registered at May 18, 2001, hereinafter called “Foundation”.

The Website site is designed to collect funds for charitable activities and social campaigns of the Foundation in the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

Foundation assumes the right to change the website structure without any warning.

Access to the use of donations online through the website www.salvaticopii.md  implies acceptance of these conditions.

Acceptance the data processing operation of bank cards, confirms the voluntary act of donation.

2. Obligations

The Foundation undertakes to ensure the proper functioning of the website throughout the campaigns to collect donations. In this regard, the Foundation will not charge any additional fees from donors and will not make other financial claims.

The Foundation undertakes to use the funds for the designated purposes. Upon request of the donor, the Foundation is committed to provide information on the use of funds.

The Foundation will not use the personal data of donors of this action for purposes other than those specified.

3. Intellectual Property

The entire content of the website (images, text, graphics, icons, graphics, scripts, programs and other data) is owned by the Foundation and is under the Law on copyright protection.

4. Information Confidentiality

Personal information requested by the Foundation is necessary for correct and efficient processing of the money given by donor for the activities stated above.

Information obtained from the donor, will not be disclosed to third parties, except the case when it is required by the authorities, justified by the right to verify the commercial transactions or in other cases stipulated by law and in accordance with the procedures established by these laws.

The donor’s personal data will be used by the Foundation only with the purpose stated by the campaign.

Information in the registration form of payment will be used to send the donor a confirmation of the transaction and other relevant messages.

5. Donations and payments

Transfers through credit / debit card (VISA and MASTERCARD) are made by processing online donations service.

The donor will choose the currency in which the donation will be done, after which he will indicate the amount he intends to donate.

In case the card currency and the currency donation will not coincide, the conversion will be done according to the rules of the card issuer.

The Selected amount of donation is the net cost to be paid by the user, without any extra charge.

The money donated will go directly to the account of Foundation Christian Aid Moldovan-Dutch, which has signed a contract with the payment processor.

6. Information about our actions and campaigns

By accepting these terms and conditions you agree to be informed about our actions and campaigns, both via email and via postal letters. If you do not wish this, please indicate by sending an email to info@salvaticopii.md

7. The Policy of returning donations

Donations can be returned to the donor if he expressly requests them. In this case, donors will send in within 30 calendar days after the donation, written application to the Foundation Christian Aid Moldovan-Dutch, a request of the amount donated. The donor shall attach to this application a proof that money donation was made through the website www.salvaticopii.md

The request to return the donations will be sent by email: info@salvaticopii.md or post mail: in Chisinau city, Mircea cel Batran street 3A, Republic of Moldova, MD 2044. Phone +373 68006666 / +373 68116666

After that, the Foundation is committed to return the donation within 30 days after the donor has been registered his application.

8.Disputes and conflicts

Any unauthorized attempt to access the website and any attempts to fraud will be reported to authorities.

Any disputes, differences or claims arising from / or in connection with this campaign, will be settled through friendly negotiations. If these negotiations do not succeed within 30 calendar days from the date of occurrence of the dispute, it will be solved by applying the law.

The donation act implies immediate and total acceptance of these terms. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the donor fully assumes potential risks.

Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time without notice.

9. Duration

Duration of this document is unlimited. The terms and conditions shall enter into force upon publication of this document on the website www.salvaticopii.md .